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Italian-English Translation Forum

This is the place to post your translation requests in English or Italian and to help others with your skills and knowledge. Important: Always give the context of your enquiry!
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Daft question... » answer
by Passing-through (UN), 2018-08-10, 11:11  Spam?  

I'm intending getting a seat badge made for a Lambretta based on the logo for the Milan-Taranto challenge.

The original logo is: il modo piu bello di girare l'Italia in moto

I'd like to change this to: The most beautiful way of getting around... Lambretta

Google's literal translation is: Il modo piu bello per andare in giro... Lambretta

However, 'getting around' might not be correct in Italian.

Grazie mille for anyone's assistance.

(The omission of an accented 'u' is down to my laziness in searching for the correct ASCII code - Mi dispiace.)
by BioIdra (UN), 2018-10-09, 05:37  Spam?  
Your translation is correct in Italian
by Passing-through (UN), 2018-10-09, 08:59  Spam?  
4;Bioldra: Thank you for confirming. It is very much appreciated.
Is there a doctor in the forum? » answer
by eibwen, 2018-08-04, 17:18  Spam?  82.221.107....
In American TV shows, when somebody dies in a hospital emergency room, a doctor says, "Time of death, midnight" (or whatever time it is, of course). How would a doctor say that in Italian?
by Lauryn13 (IT), 2018-09-05, 09:12  Spam?  
ora del decesso (decesso meaning death (morte) in a more scientific way!)
Phrase into Single words » answer
by bugsymarco, 2018-06-12, 04:11  Spam?  73.216.102...
So I recently came across a picture that said "Veni. Vidi. Amavi.", and the caption said that when translated from latin, it meant "I came, I saw, I loved."

I was wondering if there was a way to translate "I lived. I loved." into Italian, in single words like that. I can't seem to figure out how to properly translate it. I was interested in making this into a tattoo, but I want to be 100% sure that I have the correct translation :)
by Squirrel-quattro (UN), 2018-06-16, 19:46  Spam?  
If "Veni. Vidi. Amavi." is Latin, not Italian.
In Italian, "I lived. I loved." would maybe (!) be "Vissi. Amai." ("I came, I saw, I won." is "Venni, vidi, vinsi": Wikipedia(IT): Veni,_vidi,_vici).
In Latin, it could maybe (!!) be "Vixi. Amavi.", but there is an Latin-English-forum, too:

Please note, that I am neither a native speaker of Italian nor of English, and that I'm not able to speak Latin.
Hi, need help in this sentence » answer
by Luvia, 2018-05-13, 22:09  Spam?  42.60.4...
Hi, need help in understanding this sentence

non t'ama chi amore ti dice, ma t'ama chi guarda e tace
An attempt:  #891023
by Squirrel-quattro (UN), 2018-05-13, 22:57  Spam?  
[The one] Who tells/says to you love, does not love you; but [the one] who looks and says nothing, loves you.
(Literally: Does not love you who love says to you, but loves you who looks and says nothing. )

Maybe the sentence You are not loved by the one who says to you that he/she is loving you, but you are loved by the one who looks at you and says nothing. is more understandable, but it is a more loose translation.

But please not that I am neither a native speaker of Italian nor of English.
Coi ... » answer
by JamesNPt (UN), 2017-12-21, 12:05  Spam?  
Sul versante dei lavoratori, il CdG veniva ad affiancarsi alle Commissioni interne – ripristinate alla caduta del fascismo – istituendo un inedito sdoppiamento di funzioni, fra contrattazione da un lato e collaborazione tecnica dall’altro. Coi lavoratori più interessati ai primi, in anni in cui le aziende procedevano a smobilitare l’impegno bellico, con licenziamenti di massa.

On the workers’ side the management board found itself alongside the internal committees – restored after the fall of fascism – thereby giving rise to an unprecedented splitting of functions, between bargaining on one hand, and technical cooperation on the other. [draft translation only]

But how does the second sentence follow on from this one? What does "coi" really mean here? Does the second sentence mean something like. "Workers were more interested in the former in years in which companies tried to stymie [workers'] militancy by means of mass redundancies" ?
by Squirrel-quattro (UN), 2017-12-21, 17:30  Spam?  
English to Italian » answer
by dadonM (UN), 2017-12-18, 16:26  Spam?  
Hi guys, I am getting a tattoo and I want the following phrase in Italian: "Until Makaveli returns, all eyes on me"
I have seen couple of different ways to translate it to italian online and am hoping someone that is fluent in the language can help me with it.

Thank you in advance for your time!
Answer  #885324
by BioIdra (UN), 2018-01-11, 13:03  Spam?  
"Finchè Makaveli non ritorna, tutti gli occhi su me"
I think is the most fitting way to translate it
Christmas present for my wife  » answer
by brosi004, 2017-12-07, 09:49  Spam?  75.72.87...
Hello, I want to get my wife a Christmas present this year that has something to do with us and her heritage. She is Italian  (but does not speak Italian). We have a saying that I'd like translated with the correct syntax, because I want to be sure it's correct. The saying is

"I love you with my whole heart, all of it".

Any help would be greatly appreciated!
by Squirrel-quattro (UN), 2017-12-07, 10:38  Spam?  
Google: "ti amo con tutto il cuore"

(= "I love you with my whole heart")
by Squirrel-quattro (UN), 2017-12-07, 10:40  Spam?  
Or if you want to emphasize the "I":
Google: "io ti amo con tutto il cuore"
Sub for TV Italian Serie "L'allieva" » answer
by serena1811 (IT/DE), Last modified: 2017-10-26, 22:34  Spam?  
Hello! I'm currently subbing a TV Italian serie, "L'allieva". IT > EN
Could anyone help me?
Following are my translation into EN and the original IT text.
Thanks in advance.

001 Have I forgotten anything? or Forgotten anything?
002 Sweet-and-sour chives, dried tomatoes, artichokes, sour cherry tart and two oil bottles fresh from mill.
003 As soon as granny Amalia cans any delicacy, or takes out from the oven some cakes, she sends some to Calligaris.
004 It's a tradition by now.
005 It's her own way to thank him for having found Tamara's murder, the care worker granny was very fond of.
006 Have a look at what I've brought.
007 Do not dare to turn it down, she'll not want listen to reason.
008 In that case Visone will take it away.
009 One of the guys hold in custody is ill.
010 The ones detained...
» show full text
Da or dal? » answer
by songsinger, 2017-10-10, 03:36  Spam?  68.106.31...
When you are saying a song is from a larger work in Italian, is it 'da' or 'dal'? For example, Voi che sapete, da Il nozze di Figaro -or- Voi che sapete, dal Il nozze di Figaro ? Or is it supposed to be something completely different? I've seen it both ways and want to make sure I've been saying the right way, thank you!
by Lauryn13 (IT), 2017-10-26, 11:25  Spam?  
You can write/say either ...dalle "Nozze di Figaro" or ....da "Le nozze di Figaro"
Hello all! » answer
by Drbonz (UN), 2017-09-27, 03:20  Spam?  
This may sound silly but I just got a new sports car that is very fast.  I wanted to get a personized license plate that was clever.  I wanted VELOCE but it is already taken.  I am looking for a word for "goodbye" but not like Ciao (as in a friendly goodbye) but instead a smart aleck sort of goodbye.  One that boasts about how fast the car is like a  "See ya!" Kind of goodbye as it pulls away from you.  Would ADDIO be appropriate here?

Thanks so much for your help!
you make me laugh out loud  #880677
by mistunno, 2017-10-16, 09:32  Spam?  93.70.121....
ADDIO it's like the last goodbye that you tell to someone before, mabye a travel that never get you back. Perhaps you could use ARRIVEDERCI that it's sound like 'goodbye see you later'. I hope to be useful!
Little breaker? » answer
by MaryColleen (UN), 2017-09-06, 22:11  Spam?  
My grandfather's family immigrated from Sicily and when he was a boy, they had a nickname for him. It was along the lines of "little breaker/destroyer" because he loved to take things apart but couldn't always get them back together. I can't remember what it was and I'd really appriciate if someone could help me.

Thank you!
Grandma's saying translated » answer
by Icecreamviking (UN), 2017-08-04, 19:24  Spam?  
I'm trying to recollect a saying my grandmother used to love, I know the literal english translation and some of the Italian words, but I'm not sure I remember the internal grammar correctly

the phrase is "garlic speaks louder than words". I was hoping to get a shirt made that reads, in Italian, "my grandmother told me that garlic speaks louder than words". if anyone could help I'd be obliged. thanks.
Translation could be  #889274
by MarcoD (IT), 2018-04-04, 19:48  Spam?  
A grammar-correct translation could be: "L'Aglio parla più forte delle parole" or the whole sentence: "Mia nonna diceva che l'aglio parla più forte delle parole"

dacci dacci » answer
by joseph-s (UN), Last modified: 2017-07-30, 14:25  Spam?  
My grandmother would sit us on her lap, facing her, hold our hands and lean us back, then pull us back up, and as we were going up and down, she would say, possibly like a nursery rhyme, "dacci dacci", I'm forgetting the middle text, but at the end she would say, "everybody goes dacci dacci". Would anyone be familiar with this. She was from Salle, in the Abruzzi region. Appreciate any help. Grazie
Name » answer
by leighflo (GB), 2017-07-19, 22:58  Spam?  
Hi forum members

Would anyone be willing to translate this note for me, with particular attention paid to the name of the person writing it. I can not read the joined-up Italian to even start to put in into google translate.

Would be grateful
Translation  #874517
by BioIdra (UN), Last modified: 2017-07-21, 02:08  Spam?  
"I, the undersigned Balboni Iside declare to renounce to my daughter Balboni Anna Maria forever and consign her to mister.....
Mister     and authorize him to take her.
Iside Balboni"

The last word isn't proper italian and there are a couple grammar errors in the original.
If you need any clarification feel free to ask.
Proverb translation » answer
by Jonathanfarah91, 2017-04-20, 12:38  Spam?  194.126.21...
Could someone please help me translate these words? And what does it mean? Google translate did nothing, it made it harder. I'm thinking it's a proverb:
"O sguardi che son come mani d'amante, dentro un tesoro di femminee chiome" - Amalia Guglielininetti
by Squirrel-quattro (UN), 2017-04-20, 19:31  Spam?  
I don't think it's a proverb. A translation attempt:
"Oh glances/looks which are as/like lover's hands, in a treasure of feminine treetops."

It's probably not the best English, as it's not my native language, but I hope it helps you to understand the sentence.

PS: There's a typo in the author's name in your post ("m", not "in"): Wikipedia(EN): Amalia_Guglielminetti ;)
Please ask Paul!  #869155
by Jonathan Farah, 2017-04-21, 00:29  Spam?  194.126.31...
This is a question for Paul,'s creator. You can email him at paul4;
Translation  #869592
by BioIdra (UN), 2017-04-28, 14:53  Spam?  
"Oh glances that are like lover's hands, inside a treasure of feminine mane"
It's definitely not a proverb, most likely some form of poetry that google translate has issues with because the language used is very refined.
For the meaning of it I don't know if it's a part of a larger composition, if it isn't I guess the meaning is up to your interpretation.
Any help appreciated » answer
by Swanson180, 2017-04-07, 06:47  Spam?  107.77.104...
Hi all,
My aunt that just recently passed away used to bounce me on her knee while singing this song to me in Italian. I know the spelling is probably wayyy off, but I've never seen the words written I just remember them from her singing. If anyone can translate or knows the correct spelling I would greatly, greatly appreciate it.

Spelling the way that it sounds, the words are:

Baca dia
Su ma tah
Nay day Lana
Nay day stupa

I'm sorry for the awful spelling attempt but again if anyone knows anything about this saying/song, I'd love to know. I wish now that I had asked my aunt before her passing
by Squirrel-quattro (UN), 2017-04-20, 19:50  Spam?  
"nay day" could maybe be written "nei dei".
  Pronunciation of "nei":
  Pronunciation of "dei":
The last line could maybe be "avi della vecchia" (= "ancestors of the old woman").
  Pronunciation of "vecchia":

Maybe you could write it in IPA (Wikipedia(EN): International_Phonetic_Alphabet), so I would maybe be able to recognize some other words. Maybe you could try Google voice search, too?
WW1 postcard, Italian man to Czech Legionnaire » answer
by JamesPleski (UN), Last modified: 2017-04-01, 10:02  Spam?  
Could someone please help me understand the text in the postcard.  It was written to my grandfather who was fighting in the Czech Legion with the Italian army on the Austrian border.   The back has some printed poem in Italian about freedom and glory.

Many thanks
Broken link  #867857
by BioIdra (UN), 2017-04-01, 04:23  Spam?  
Your dropbox link is broken.
Fixed link  #867863
by JamesPleski (UN), 2017-04-01, 10:03  Spam?  
Oops, sorry. It's fixed now
Answer  #868329
by BioIdra (UN), 2017-04-08, 11:22  Spam?  
The writing is really hard to read due to the writing style, photo resolution and age , this is what I was able to read with a little guesswork() here and there:

"Con un po' di ritardo rispondo alla sua cartolina dove (apprendo) che gode di ottima salute, così le auguro che sia sempre.
(Mi scriva) sempre che mi fa molto piacere di sapere le sue (notizie).
Riceva tanti saluti dalla mia famiglia, da me riceva tanti saluti e (pensieri) sua conoscente-nome-"

Which translates to

" I answer with a little delay to your mail from which I learn you are very healthy and I wish you will be so always.
Keep writing to me, i love hearing news from you.
Many regards from my family and many regards and thoughts from me, your acquaintance -name-"

EXTRA INFO: The letter is sent to Caporale(Corporal) Goffredo gunners squad 2nd battery 2nd company which I guess is your grandfather and seems to be sent by a woman whose name I cannot decipher.
Translation  #868331
by JamesPleski (UN), Last modified: 2017-04-08, 12:02  Spam?  
Thank you very much. I was puzzling a bit over this name Goffredo as my grandfather's name is Bohumir.  But now that I think about it, Bohumir is Czech for Godfrey or Geoffrey, and I guess now that Goffredo is just an Italian version of his name.  It's quite useful to know his squad in the Czech Legion in Italy, so thank you for the translation.
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