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Italian-English Translation Forum

This is the place to post your translation requests in English or Italian and to help others with your skills and knowledge. Important: Always give the context of your enquiry!
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Name » answer
by leighflo (GB), 2017-07-19, 22:58  Spam?  
Hi forum members

Would anyone be willing to translate this note for me, with particular attention paid to the name of the person writing it. I can not read the joined-up Italian to even start to put in into google translate.

Would be grateful
Translation  #874517
by BioIdra (UN), Last modified: 2017-07-21, 02:08  Spam?  
"I, the undersigned Balboni Iside declare to renounce to my daughter Balboni Anna Maria forever and consign her to mister.....
Mister     and authorize him to take her.
Iside Balboni"

The last word isn't proper italian and there are a couple grammar errors in the original.
If you need any clarification feel free to ask.
Proverb translation » answer
by Jonathanfarah91, 2017-04-20, 12:38  Spam?  194.126.21...
Could someone please help me translate these words? And what does it mean? Google translate did nothing, it made it harder. I'm thinking it's a proverb:
"O sguardi che son come mani d'amante, dentro un tesoro di femminee chiome" - Amalia Guglielininetti
by Squirrel-quattro (UN), 2017-04-20, 19:31  Spam?  
I don't think it's a proverb. A translation attempt:
"Oh glances/looks which are as/like lover's hands, in a treasure of feminine treetops."

It's probably not the best English, as it's not my native language, but I hope it helps you to understand the sentence.

PS: There's a typo in the author's name in your post ("m", not "in"): Wikipedia(EN): Amalia_Guglielminetti ;)
Please ask Paul!  #869155
by Jonathan Farah, 2017-04-21, 00:29  Spam?  194.126.31...
This is a question for Paul,'s creator. You can email him at paul4;
Translation  #869592
by BioIdra (UN), 2017-04-28, 14:53  Spam?  
"Oh glances that are like lover's hands, inside a treasure of feminine mane"
It's definitely not a proverb, most likely some form of poetry that google translate has issues with because the language used is very refined.
For the meaning of it I don't know if it's a part of a larger composition, if it isn't I guess the meaning is up to your interpretation.
Any help appreciated » answer
by Swanson180, 2017-04-07, 06:47  Spam?  107.77.104...
Hi all,
My aunt that just recently passed away used to bounce me on her knee while singing this song to me in Italian. I know the spelling is probably wayyy off, but I've never seen the words written I just remember them from her singing. If anyone can translate or knows the correct spelling I would greatly, greatly appreciate it.

Spelling the way that it sounds, the words are:

Baca dia
Su ma tah
Nay day Lana
Nay day stupa

I'm sorry for the awful spelling attempt but again if anyone knows anything about this saying/song, I'd love to know. I wish now that I had asked my aunt before her passing
by Squirrel-quattro (UN), 2017-04-20, 19:50  Spam?  
"nay day" could maybe be written "nei dei".
  Pronunciation of "nei":
  Pronunciation of "dei":
The last line could maybe be "avi della vecchia" (= "ancestors of the old woman").
  Pronunciation of "vecchia":

Maybe you could write it in IPA (Wikipedia(EN): International_Phonetic_Alphabet), so I would maybe be able to recognize some other words. Maybe you could try Google voice search, too?
WW1 postcard, Italian man to Czech Legionnaire » answer
by JamesPleski (UN), Last modified: 2017-04-01, 10:02  Spam?  
Could someone please help me understand the text in the postcard.  It was written to my grandfather who was fighting in the Czech Legion with the Italian army on the Austrian border.   The back has some printed poem in Italian about freedom and glory.

Many thanks
Broken link  #867857
by BioIdra (UN), 2017-04-01, 04:23  Spam?  
Your dropbox link is broken.
Fixed link  #867863
Answer  #868329
by BioIdra (UN), 2017-04-08, 11:22  Spam?  
The writing is really hard to read due to the writing style, photo resolution and age , this is what I was able to read with a little guesswork() here and there:

"Con un po' di ritardo rispondo alla sua cartolina dove (apprendo) che gode di ottima salute, così le auguro che sia sempre.
(Mi scriva) sempre che mi fa molto piacere di sapere le sue (notizie).
Riceva tanti saluti dalla mia famiglia, da me riceva tanti saluti e (pensieri) sua conoscente-nome-"

Which translates to

" I answer with a little delay to your mail from which I learn you are very healthy and I wish you will be so always.
Keep writing to me, i love hearing news from you.
Many regards from my family and many regards and thoughts from me, your acquaintance -name-"

EXTRA INFO: The letter is sent to Caporale(Corporal) Goffredo gunners squad 2nd battery 2nd company which I guess is your grandfather and seems to be sent by a woman whose name I cannot decipher.
Translation  #868331
Senza stato si sta bene giù le mani dalla val susa!  » answer
by flambit (UN), Last modified: 2017-03-20, 23:36  Spam?  
Hi, I'm looking to translate this phrase from Italian:

Senza stato si sta bene giù le mani dalla val susa!

This was graffiti spray painted on a wall in Italy.  There was a peace sign drawn after it.  


Sorry - i have this backwards, probably should have posted in English to Italian!  Anyway, any help is appreciated...
Translation  #867856
by BioIdra (UN), 2017-04-01, 04:22  Spam?  
The translation of the graffiti is
"Without the state we are fine, hands off Val Susa"
Val Susa is a valley in Piemonte- there have been many protests about a high-speed railway that is being built to pass there, so that is probably what the graffiti is referring to, if you want more context you can look up no TAV movement.
School Subject selection translation NEEDED. » answer
by davester18 (UN), 2016-11-09, 03:03  Spam?  
Can you please help me translate this to Italian : "Today I will talk about the school subjects I have selected for next year."

Thank you.
by Squirrel-quattro (UN), 2016-11-10, 22:29  Spam?  
- "Oggi vorrei parlare delle materie scolastiche che ho scelto per l'anno prossimo." (= "I would like to talk ..." = conditional) or
- "Oggi voglio parlare delle materie scolastiche che ho scelto per l'anno prossimo." (= "I want to talk ..." = present) or
- "Oggi parlerò delle materie scolastiche che ho scelto per l'anno prossimo." (= "I will talk ..." = future)

But please note that I'm not a native speaker (neither of English nor of Italian).
Please remove » answer
by mlplateaux (UN), Last modified: 2016-11-01, 15:29  Spam?  
I need that fast!! How to say... » answer
by ani96 (UN), 2016-09-25, 16:41  Spam?  
"then we would find even more of them (= the things to talk about)" in Italian?
Would it be "poi troveremmo ne anche di piu"?
by Squirrel-quattro (UN), 2016-09-25, 17:09  Spam?  
Maybe: "Poi ne troveremmo addirittura di più."

But note that I'm not a native speaker (neither of English nor of Italian).
Translate Please :) » answer
by Kyle5490, 2016-09-21, 01:57  Spam?  71.126.128...
I would love for someone to help me translate the following from English to Italian:

"I have walked through the valley of the shadow of death"

I've been through some rough times and considering having this phrase tattoed.

Thank you to anyone who can help :)
by Squirrel-quattro (UN), 2016-09-21, 14:10  Spam?  
Possibly: "Sono andato/a per la valle dell'ombra della morte.", but I'm not a native speaker (neither of Italian nor of English) and there's no guarantee that this translation is right.

If you refer to psalm 23/4: / /
"4 Quand'anche camminassi nella valle dell'ombra della morte, [...]" (La Nuova Diodati; Nuova Riveduta 1994; Nuova Riveduta 2006)
"4 Se dovessi camminare in una valle oscura, [...]" (Conferenza Episcopale Italiana)

(But attention: The English version of this psalm is "Yea, though I walk through the valley of the...
» show full text
by Kyle5490, 2016-09-22, 01:32  Spam?  71.126.128...
Thank you for your response!

I want the phrase to be in past tense.
I contacted an Italian professor from the University of Maryland, and they told me that it would read this way:

"Ho camminato nella valle dell'ombra della morte"

The literal translation is "Ho camminato attraverso la valle dell'ombra della morte"

Which would be better?
Translation needed for Tattoo » answer
by J., 2016-09-18, 13:59  Spam?  101.181.242....
Help needed.

I need the phrase 'a permanent solution to a temporary problem' translated into Italian.

A friend is considering tattooing this phrase and requires the Italian version.

Thank you.
by mugnozzo (IT), 2016-09-19, 13:40  Spam?  
"Una soluzione permanente a un problema temporaneo"
"Una soluzione definitiva a un problema temporaneo"
but the first is better (imho).
by J., 2016-09-19, 13:55  Spam?  101.181.242....
For airport screening » answer
by Suslik, 2016-09-13, 18:43  Spam?  152.132.10...
I would like the following translated into Italian to help with airport security screening:
I have artificial metal knees and small pieces of metal in other body parts.
by Squirrel-quattro (UN), 2016-09-15, 19:17  Spam?  
"Io ho le ginocchia metalliche artificiali e pezzi metallici piccoli in altre parti del corpo."

[Please note that I'm not a native Italian speaker. But I will ask an Italian native speaker to have a look on this, too.]
by Suslik, 2016-09-16, 02:23  Spam?  152.132.10...
by mugnozzo (IT), 2016-09-16, 18:20  Spam?  
Squirrel-quattro's answer is not wrong!
You can also say:
"Io ho le ginocchia artificiali di metallo e piccoli pezzi metallici in altre parti del corpo"
by Suslik, 2016-09-16, 22:23  Spam?  152.132.10...
Crossword help! » answer
by hoosierscotts (US), Last modified: 2016-05-26, 19:58  Spam?  
I am working on updating an old edition of an intermediate-level Italian language (US) workbook.  So, I discovered that on a crossword puzzle (Parole crociate), a clue was left out for a word.  The original author is not available to help.  
From the context (political history/fascism) I believe the word is the adjective "totalitario."  I need help writing a very short clue, and I'm not confident in machine translation.  Regime, tolerate, and dissent are used in this chapter.  Would it be correct to write: "Regime che non tollera il dissenso"?  Or, "Regime che è intollerante di dissenso" ?  What wording is brief but grammatically correct?  Thank you so much in advance for your advice!
by Squirrel-quattro (UN), Last modified: 2016-06-12, 19:24  Spam?  
I think "Regime che non tollera il dissenso" and "Regime che è intollerante a (!) dissenso" are grammatically ok. A bit shorter would be: "Regime intollerante a dissenso". But these are the definitions of the noun "totalitarian regime".

Maybe the definitions in monolingual Italian dictionaries will help you:

Perhaps you could define the adjective with "dittatoriale, senza dissenso" (or only "dittatoriale" or "senza dissenso").

[Warning: I'm not an Italian native speaker.]
Clue  #846142
by BioIdra, 2016-06-14, 13:08  Spam?  2.238.138....
The guy above me got it almost right

"Regime che non tollera il dissenso"  Is correct and fitting, I suggest using this.
"Regime che è intollerante di dissenso" Is wrong, correcting it results in something like this
"Regime intollerante al dissenso" .
"Intollerante" is not a word commonly used in the sense it has here, thus i suggest using the first translation.
Please help » answer
by Jesslhawki007, 2016-04-11, 15:36  Spam?  101.182.233....
Was wanting to get the translation for
You are your only limitation
by Squirrel-quattro (UN), 2016-06-12, 19:04  Spam?  
Google: "Tu sei il tuo unico limite." or
Google: "Tu sei il tuo solo limite."
Both versions also go without "tu" (with "tu", the "you" is more emphasised: "You are your only limitation."; without "tu", the "you" isn't such important).

[Warning: I'm not an Italian native speaker.]
I need to know what the guys says during 2 minutes of the video » answer
by noofin (UN), 2016-04-06, 16:43  Spam?  
Hello guys!

Could you please save my life and tell me what the guy from the video I am posting in this topic says between 16:40 and 18:00 ? I got the rest of the video, but this ending is very important and I can't understand what he is saying.

Here is the link:

Thank you in advance!
by Squirrel-quattro (UN), 2016-06-12, 19:38  Spam?  
16:40-16:50: "Perfetto. Adesso riposerà per due ore. Dopo -- dopo di che ..."
I can't understand what is said after that, sorry.
If you are still interested in an answer, let me know it -- maybe I could find a Italian native speaker who would help you (but I do not want to bother somebody with this if you aren't anymore interested in an answer).
Got you  #846138
by BioIdra, 2016-06-14, 12:59  Spam?  2.238.138....
It will now rest for 2 hours, after that we will start making our panielli (about 250g each) and we will let them rise for at least 6 hours inside the boxes.
Once this is done I personally put the boxes in the fridge for 24 hours at 4 °C, the day after before utilizing the dough I take out the boxes from the fridge and wait for them to reach ambient temperature and then start making the pizza.
I need to correct this short text for a Facebook ad » answer
by rykkardo8 (UN), 2016-03-20, 13:05  Spam?  
Hi, I was wondering if someone could help me.

I need to place a Facebook ad in Italian and I don't know if it has any errors, I will paste the text in English here and after the Italian translation.  Any suggestions are welcome.  Thanks!

Spring is here! Check out our newest dog collars and leashes. Get a 10% discount on purchases over $10 using the code: SPRING2016 (valid until March 31st)

La primavera è qui! Incontra i nostri collari per cani e guinzagli. Avete fino al 31 marzo per approfittare di sconto del 10% sugli acquisti da 10 € a utilizzare il codice: SPRING2016
by BioIdra, 2016-06-14, 12:51  Spam?  2.238.138....
La primavera è qui! Prova i nostri nuovi collari e guinzagli per cani. Hai fino al 31 marzo per approfittare dello sconto del 10% sugli acquisti oltre i 10 € utilizzando il codice: SPRING2016
Wedding Invitation for Italian Friends? » answer
by Georgee333, 2016-03-01, 14:34  Spam?  82.35.149....
I'm getting married in Italy and want to invite some friends from the country. All the other invites were in English but I'll like to translate or if someone could point me in the right direction....

I need;
Together with their families (our names) invite (their names) and family to join them in celebrating their wedding.

Thank you!!
Maybe:  #846009
by Squirrel-quattro (UN), Last modified: 2016-06-12, 19:58  Spam?  
"Insieme con le loro famiglie, (our names) invitano (their names) e famiglia a accompagnarli con la celebrazione del loro matrimonio / delle loro nozze."
or (less literally): "Insieme con le loro famiglie, (our names) invitano (their names) e famiglia a partecipare al loro matrimonio." (= ... to go on their wedding)

[Warning: I'm not an Italian native speaker and these are probably not good translations -- maybe you better look for a professional translator.]
Translation from Neapolitan please » answer
by mic14mic (UN), 2016-02-17, 15:30  Spam?  
Hello from Greece :)

I would please like a translation to English for the following verse which is in Neapolitan:

Chell' co mare te rice
te l'ha sape arricurda
e a 'stu puort ce turnarrai.

Thanks a lot!
by oterol2000, 2016-03-16, 16:16  Spam?  197.77.161...
quello che il mare ti dice
devi saperlo ricordare
cosi'  in questo porto ritornerai

ENGLISH literally:
what the sea tells
you should remember
and you  to this  port will return

if you listen to the lesson of the sea you will  return to this port
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